Friday, May 16, 2008

Short Story Rubric

/10- Idea: The meaning of the story, over all morale of short story.

/10 Suspence: Story went through a plot line.

/20 Word Choice
/10 Conventions
That is my rubic i would like to have be the guidelines for my short story.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Character

Cartman: I read the article about Cartman, from southpark, the television show. Cartman is an important character because he adds the satarical comiedy that South Park offers. He give the ideas of get rich schemes and even goes as far as infecting his best friend with HIV, he is a modern Archie Bunker.
The Second character I read about was cookie monster, from Seasame Street, ( Because i was raised on the Streets) Cookie monster was replaced for a bit with the veggie monster, and viewers responded in an uproar for disapproval. He is an important character because he is obivioulsy addicted to cookies, and doesn't steal cookies yet begs for them, and is teaching a lesson to children about what they want opposed to what they need.

Brian From Family Guy, he is a mild alcoholic, and a cig smoker, so he is obiviously not a role model for children, yet the cartoon is targeted towards kids ages 13+, he humor is very dry. He is a talking dog, and Peter the fathers best friend. Brian is personified as a business man, yet still has need as a dog, which they show in episodes when he finds a female dog (bitch) in heat, that Brian is attracted too. Brian is important to society because he shows no matter what our external personality is we still have our bare essentials in life we need to fulfill, not just mating, but in friendship, when Peter disowns Brian he is forced to move out to fill the void of love that peter has left in his life.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Characteristics of a well-told story

1. Stories are important for children when they are growing up because of the morals that are implied in children's books. They will learn valuable ideals that they should have stay with them as they grow.
2. A teenager might read a story to learn more about a certain topic. But a reason teenagers read is to gather information. An older person might learn a perspective that they were unaware of. There is alot of information that you can gather from a novel, it is just up to the reader to gather it from the text.
3. Novels are being written all the time, and the Best Sellers identifies a popular novel that alot of people are reading. New novels are woven into the fabric of society because they address current topics that the media is covering or a concerning matter on our nations minds. Literates allows people to express them self freely with out any interuption or correction, like a political candidate will write a novel about himself to clear the air on any controversial things that they might have done.
4. My father used to read me this novel before i went to bed when i was about 5, i do not remember the title of the novels but it is something that has stuck with me.
When I was younger i read alot of Bearnstien bears books, I had Bad hapits, clean your room, I connect these novels with siblings because most of my books were handy downs.

1. Round Characters,
2. Villian
3. Trouble, something to creat suspence
4. Violence
5. Retailiation
6. Humor
7. Sacracism/ Satire

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How Unpoetic

I think that when i get out of the high school, that i will be working hard. I am not 100% sure on what i want to do but obiviously something i am good at. I am going to normandale for 2 years to my generals out of the way. After that i want to go to The U of M and go to business school, I have thought about owning my own business and that seems to be the most appealing thing for me to do when I am older. I have thought about going to Chef school because i love to cook. It would be very nice to work in a kitchen but i am not sure if i could handle the stress of being behind the scenes in a kitchen. I am excited to get away from high school there are alot of things that I have grown tiresom of, I will be happy to be on my own, doing my own thing. I am not sure if i am going to be successful, but i am going to do all of what i can do to become successful, and live a comfortable life. I have no desire to be rich, it would be nice, but i ideally would like to live out in the country and live off the land, i like being self suficient.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Poetry Critique

Cease to resist, giving my goodbye
Drive my car into the ocean
Youll think Im dead, but I sail away
On a wave of mutilation
A wave

Ive kissed mermaids, rode the el nino
Walked the sand with the crustaceans
Could find my way to mariana
On a wave of mutilation,
Wave of mutilation
Wave of mutilation

1. Done
2. I choose this song because it is about El Nino, and the changing weather patterns on Earth. I like the songs journey how it builds to a sort of rock theme, and resolves with a calming repition.
3. The title of the song is Wave of Mutilation and it is tricky, because with out hearing the song, you would assume it is about a crime spree, but it is about a issue that has scientific backing. It is fitting because El Nino, dumps water on the west coast and diverets storms from the midwest to the south. The title is well suited because El nino can sometimes be compared to a small hurricane with it's high winds and blowing rain.
4. The writer of this song, The Pixies, use imagery when describing the beaches sand.
There is atleast one Hyperbole in the song, when the writer of the song, says "Drive my car into the ocean." The writer is obivously not going to drive his car into the ocean and uses an exaggeration to illistrate his point.
5. I would say that the tone of the song is passive agressive, because the tone is not angry but it has an undertone of aggressiveness. Thats why I catorgarize this as Passive Aggressive.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Writing Territories

2. I like writing in general, sometimes I see it as a bit tedious. The last book I read was "Killing Pablo." I found the book very interesting because it is a true story, I would say if i were to read another book it would have to be a novel, i am easily confused with play scripts. I enjoy reading the newspaper and magazines more than dedicating myself to a whole novel.
-I enjoyed writing a play but I would like to write like a short story or almost a sitcom, like a T.V. show. I do not write anything outside of school. I am intrigued by a true story anything that involves crime intrests me, like the TV show Cops for example.
3. Heidi Klum & Dahli Lama
- One day in India, an old man was being followed by hundreds chanting his holynesses name. The sun was beating down, and the town was radiating the heat from the sun, all of a sudden the old man started to speak to the people, and immediatley they stop talking, as if a lull had taken over them. The old man addressed himself and the Dahli Lama, and he was choosen for this position. He said he was full of wisdom, how to get rich if you were poor, or to get into heaven if you were already rich. In order to have the Dahli Lama's attention you have to pay him handsomely; no one in the village could afford his service, so the holyness left. The next month the model Heidi Klum came and said she needed help because she was stranded. The Village was unwilling because they said they needed money in order to do anything, so Heidi and her entourage left and found the nearest village where they were more than happy to help the beautiful model and her friends. To repay the village that she felt indebted too, she built them a new school for the children. Now that village is the wealthest in India.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I am a Thinker, and I Think Thinks

1. I think it is important for a writer to stay current on other writers and yet still have a admiration or at least knowledge of historical great novels. No one is perfect and reading some literature is a great way to improve upon ones ability to write. A musician should listen to music, wouldn't it be ironic for a rock star to not listen to music, just as it is idiotic for a writer to not read other peoples writings. Just as music is a form of art, so is writing, because there are different styles and ways to go about writing, but all of it has a common ground which it is based off of.

2. Something that i see that scares me, it is what i don't see that bothers me. I don't see people respect their environment, e.g. school, the earth, parking lot, etc. . . I don't see American kids deep in books studying, I see privileged children throwing away their lives, at a very young age. I guess i could list every pet peeve of mine, but I am currently of age to vote, so i have been paying attention to the presidential candidates. I see the prosperity of America deeply woven into Science, the most powerful thing to boost an economy is innovation, when the car was invented in America our economy was growing at a rapid rate. And I hear presidential candidates stating that their conservative beliefs don't allow them to explore the options of science in stem cell research. I feel strongly about this because the government has the ability to make America great or make America break, and I am an American.

3. I have many inspirations, but I could not attribute it to one piece of art, but to one artist/band, Radiohead. I am now a senior at Edina Highschool and I have had my fair share of homework, this sometimes would force me to stay up way past my normal hours of operation. I would try to relax my nerves with putting some soothing Radiohead. The reason i like Radiohead is because they are not a convential band, the are diverse and have music to make you feel motivated and some that could put you to sleep. As a matter of fact, while I am writing this at my house i am listening to Radioheads newest album In Rainbows. Music is a big part of my life, I love listening to new artist, and expanding my horizion of artists.