Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Character

Cartman: I read the article about Cartman, from southpark, the television show. Cartman is an important character because he adds the satarical comiedy that South Park offers. He give the ideas of get rich schemes and even goes as far as infecting his best friend with HIV, he is a modern Archie Bunker.
The Second character I read about was cookie monster, from Seasame Street, ( Because i was raised on the Streets) Cookie monster was replaced for a bit with the veggie monster, and viewers responded in an uproar for disapproval. He is an important character because he is obivioulsy addicted to cookies, and doesn't steal cookies yet begs for them, and is teaching a lesson to children about what they want opposed to what they need.

Brian From Family Guy, he is a mild alcoholic, and a cig smoker, so he is obiviously not a role model for children, yet the cartoon is targeted towards kids ages 13+, he humor is very dry. He is a talking dog, and Peter the fathers best friend. Brian is personified as a business man, yet still has need as a dog, which they show in episodes when he finds a female dog (bitch) in heat, that Brian is attracted too. Brian is important to society because he shows no matter what our external personality is we still have our bare essentials in life we need to fulfill, not just mating, but in friendship, when Peter disowns Brian he is forced to move out to fill the void of love that peter has left in his life.

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