Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Characteristics of a well-told story

1. Stories are important for children when they are growing up because of the morals that are implied in children's books. They will learn valuable ideals that they should have stay with them as they grow.
2. A teenager might read a story to learn more about a certain topic. But a reason teenagers read is to gather information. An older person might learn a perspective that they were unaware of. There is alot of information that you can gather from a novel, it is just up to the reader to gather it from the text.
3. Novels are being written all the time, and the Best Sellers identifies a popular novel that alot of people are reading. New novels are woven into the fabric of society because they address current topics that the media is covering or a concerning matter on our nations minds. Literates allows people to express them self freely with out any interuption or correction, like a political candidate will write a novel about himself to clear the air on any controversial things that they might have done.
4. My father used to read me this novel before i went to bed when i was about 5, i do not remember the title of the novels but it is something that has stuck with me.
When I was younger i read alot of Bearnstien bears books, I had Bad hapits, clean your room, I connect these novels with siblings because most of my books were handy downs.

1. Round Characters,
2. Villian
3. Trouble, something to creat suspence
4. Violence
5. Retailiation
6. Humor
7. Sacracism/ Satire

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finch1212 said...

retalitation is a good one, i missed that but is key to good stories. good stuff good stuff