Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Luigi Pirandello

1. The theme of a story is very important, is theme is a reoccuring moral in the story, and without one I believe that the story or writing would be lacking substance. Most great novels have a moral and a theme that is why they are considereds the greats of novels, such as Too Kill A Mockingbird thoughout the novel their is a reoccuring theme to be respectful and listen to your elders and what they advise you to do. But a great newpaper articile can be well written and get the story accross or whatever the writer is trying to convey and doesnt have to have an underlining meaning such as a theme. I would say that anyone who is attempting to write a novel for anyone, kids or adults, should have a moral in the story.

2. A theme that my group could convey would respect, in the story that we are telling a wife is left widdowed as her husband is kidnapped during war, and her daughter vows to marry anyone who brings her father home to her, and he farther returns on a horse, so she marries a horse. The moral that is obivious to me is repect and loyality; the daughter is loyal to her word, and respects anyone who can obtain her father. But a theme I think that is important for a child growing up in a privlidge community is to be conservative, not to spend everything that your parents provide to you. Hard work is also a value that I am a strong believer in, and think that it is something that is lacked in Edina Highschool, the children including me are all in a bubble that seperates us from our social tribulations, you do not learn the values of hard work by your father giving you a brand new car on your birthday.

3. A conflict - A external conflict i want to write about would be a person vs. person, an man who is striving to become an artist, but struggles to get known, and a corporate american bussinessman who is trying to get away from all the drama. These two people meet in a coffee shop while on vacation in Europe, and start discussing their predicaments to each other, the artist explains he can't make enough money unless he starts lessing his art, and the bussinessman can't make enough time for himself unless he stops working. The two switch positions in life and the conflicts seem to come naturally they both can not cut it in their own lifes, regretting the decision.

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finch1212 said...

I agree with you on the first part because i think that the audience needs a well developed theme to truely get into the play and want to follow it through and in its entirity and not come unattached at any time. (Bill has testicular cancer)