Monday, February 25, 2008

Toward the Future/From the Past

1. Writing my play i encountered some limitations that i had to overcome, it was hard to have all the settings that i wanted to, and i wanted to have mine more like a movie, with a visual effects not with a theatrical performance. I found out that i am good at improvision, i went into the play with a vary vague idea, and turned it into a play! I would be interested in writing more of a sitcom, or bitcom, with a short punch.

2. If I were to give advice to a child, I would tell them to stay in school, we are in a world of international trade, with people included, a company will take a foreign well qualified person and gladdly pay them less, rather than a poorly educated American. In thoses days the future is the only thing you can wait for, and i would tell them that you should enjoy every moment and make every mistake for yourself, but stay in school.

3. Great liturate is timeless, the only reason i can take from that would be the meaning, some liturate from ancient greece that had great meanings and findings that were not discovered until much later in time, but only now can we look back at the greatness achieved so long ago. I doubt that i will ever be able to write something so great that it will out live me, but obiviously I am going to because thats what great people do, great things.

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