Monday, February 25, 2008

I am a Thinker, and I Think Thinks

1. I think it is important for a writer to stay current on other writers and yet still have a admiration or at least knowledge of historical great novels. No one is perfect and reading some literature is a great way to improve upon ones ability to write. A musician should listen to music, wouldn't it be ironic for a rock star to not listen to music, just as it is idiotic for a writer to not read other peoples writings. Just as music is a form of art, so is writing, because there are different styles and ways to go about writing, but all of it has a common ground which it is based off of.

2. Something that i see that scares me, it is what i don't see that bothers me. I don't see people respect their environment, e.g. school, the earth, parking lot, etc. . . I don't see American kids deep in books studying, I see privileged children throwing away their lives, at a very young age. I guess i could list every pet peeve of mine, but I am currently of age to vote, so i have been paying attention to the presidential candidates. I see the prosperity of America deeply woven into Science, the most powerful thing to boost an economy is innovation, when the car was invented in America our economy was growing at a rapid rate. And I hear presidential candidates stating that their conservative beliefs don't allow them to explore the options of science in stem cell research. I feel strongly about this because the government has the ability to make America great or make America break, and I am an American.

3. I have many inspirations, but I could not attribute it to one piece of art, but to one artist/band, Radiohead. I am now a senior at Edina Highschool and I have had my fair share of homework, this sometimes would force me to stay up way past my normal hours of operation. I would try to relax my nerves with putting some soothing Radiohead. The reason i like Radiohead is because they are not a convential band, the are diverse and have music to make you feel motivated and some that could put you to sleep. As a matter of fact, while I am writing this at my house i am listening to Radioheads newest album In Rainbows. Music is a big part of my life, I love listening to new artist, and expanding my horizion of artists.

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