Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Writing Territories

2. I like writing in general, sometimes I see it as a bit tedious. The last book I read was "Killing Pablo." I found the book very interesting because it is a true story, I would say if i were to read another book it would have to be a novel, i am easily confused with play scripts. I enjoy reading the newspaper and magazines more than dedicating myself to a whole novel.
-I enjoyed writing a play but I would like to write like a short story or almost a sitcom, like a T.V. show. I do not write anything outside of school. I am intrigued by a true story anything that involves crime intrests me, like the TV show Cops for example.
3. Heidi Klum & Dahli Lama
- One day in India, an old man was being followed by hundreds chanting his holynesses name. The sun was beating down, and the town was radiating the heat from the sun, all of a sudden the old man started to speak to the people, and immediatley they stop talking, as if a lull had taken over them. The old man addressed himself and the Dahli Lama, and he was choosen for this position. He said he was full of wisdom, how to get rich if you were poor, or to get into heaven if you were already rich. In order to have the Dahli Lama's attention you have to pay him handsomely; no one in the village could afford his service, so the holyness left. The next month the model Heidi Klum came and said she needed help because she was stranded. The Village was unwilling because they said they needed money in order to do anything, so Heidi and her entourage left and found the nearest village where they were more than happy to help the beautiful model and her friends. To repay the village that she felt indebted too, she built them a new school for the children. Now that village is the wealthest in India.

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finch1212 said...

me being me, i dont enjoy reading too much but killin pablo is a book that ive always wanted to read. Were on the same level here, and maybe i can do so this summer by reading the book. I enjoy movies like this because they capture my attentnion thoroughlly throughout. Good job i enjoyed that i found a similitarity in our readings. GREAT, JUST GREAT!